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Long Documents
with Microsoft Word

Preparing a document longer than ten pages, such as a thesis or report, usually requires Microsoft Word’s advanced features. Long documents demand automatic page numbering, caption numbering, cross-references, and tables of figures and contents. Formatting many pages of text is best done with a customised style sheet. We will go through Word’s long-document tools and apply them to actual writing examples; participants are encouraged to bring laptops and work in progress.

  • Session 1:
    A crash course in text basics, styles and creating a table of contents
    Using, editing, and defining styles
  • Session 2:
    Sections, page numbers and general troubleshooting
    Cross-references, captions, and questions

Course Outline (PDF)

Dates and times

The next set of dates for this learning event has not yet been scheduled.

Even if this workshop is fully booked, it is likely there will be space on the day, so feel free to turn up. If you would like to be notified when this workshop is next scheduled, request it at a different time or day, or just find out more, email Academic Skills.


Formatting exercise materials: document (.doc), table (.xls), figure (.tif). Download all three and follow the instructions in the document.


Handout:Formatting Long Documents

Kiernan, Vincent. Writing your dissertation with Microsoft Word. Mattily, Alexandria VA. (In LSC library)
Benn, Ken and Cheryl Benn. Professional thesis presentation. Pearson Education NZ, Albany.

For the self-directed:
Online training in Word 2007, from Microsoft.
An online ebook guide to Word 2007, via ProQuest (UC only).
How to create numbered or outline headings in Word.
A list of good tricks for Word (2003, but applicable to 2010).
Another list, even older, but worth skimming.

Don’t forget the UC Library’s thesis guide (though the thesis formatting guidelines and templates are under discussion and may change soon) and the EndNote Wiki.