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Stats Essentials

Basic statistical skills are increasingly necessary in many subject areas at university, but some students have limited knowledge in this area and feel challenged by tasks with a stats component. That is why the Academic Skills Centre has joined forces with the Mathematics and Statistics Department to offer this refresher course to students at UC.

Covering essential introductory statistical concepts, the course comprises four simple sessions. If you want to improve your skills and confidence in Statistics to support your other subjects; if you feel you have gaps in your knowledge; or if you have experienced difficulties in the past—then please come and learn with us in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Bring your calculator!

Session 1 - Exploring Data and Summary Statistics
Confused about qualitative and quantitative data? Which graph should you use? Do you know the difference between a histogram and a bar chart? What other graphs are useful?

Session 2 - Summary Statistics  
Which is the best measure of centre for my data? What is meant by skew? How do I measure the spread of my data? Come and find answers to some straightforward problems in a friendly group environment.

Session 3 - Correlation and Regression
What's the difference between correlation and causality. Between a deterministic model and a probabilistic one? Can you interpret Excel output for simple linear regression? How good is the model?

Tutor: Irene David

Dates and times

  • Tuesdays, 23 July to 6 August 2019 between 10.00 am-10.50 am (NB Venue: Erskine Building, Level 4, Room 442): passed
  • Tuesdays, 25 February to 10 March 2020 between 10.00 am-10.50 am (NB Venue: Erskine Building, Level 4, Room 442): enrolment and venue>>


Even if this workshop is fully booked, it is likely there will be space on the day, so feel free to turn up. If you would like to be notified when this workshop is next scheduled, request it at a different time or day, or just find out more, email Irene David