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Reading and Writing for English Language Learners

These 50-minute stand-alone workshops help students with English as an additional language to improve key reading and writing skills. Workshops take place two or three times per term. These workshops provide more flexibility than the English Language Support Programme and may be a better option for undergraduate students.

Each workshop focuses on a different topic. Topics include:

  • paragraph structure
  • paraphrasing
  • using source material
  • concise writing
  • grammar and sentence structure
  • vocabulary

Students will develop their skills through practical in-class exercises.

Presenter: Jessica Ritchie

Dates and times

  • Monday,14 May 2018, from 2.00 pm to 2.50 pm - TOPIC: Using Source Material: passed
  • Wednesday, 25 July 2018, from 10.00 am to 10.50 am - TOPIC: Verb Tenses: enrolment and venue>>
  • Monday, 30 July 2018, from 2.00 pm to 2.50 pm - TOPIC: Formal Language: enrolment and venue>>