Online Resources

The following documents are available at reception of the Learning Skills Centre, South Bank (UCSA, opposite pharmacy).

You can also download them from here!

APA guide (pdf, 140KB)

Apostrophes (pdf, 26KB)

Essay Management Checklist (pdf, 23KB)

Essay Structure Sheet (pdf, 25KB)

Introductions and Conclusions (pdf, 24KB)

IT for Essay Writing (pdf, 110KB)

Lecture Notes (pdf, 29KB)

Literature Reviews (pdf, 29KB)

Memorisation (pdf, 36KB)

Oral Presentations (pdf, 28KB)

Paraphrasing (pdf, 29KB)

Plagiarism (pdf, 24KB)

Plagiarism and Documentation: A Self-Instructional Lesson (pdf, 32KB)

Punctuation Guide (pdf, 27KB)

Revision, Learning Styles and Memorisation (pdf, 28KB)

Study Groups (pdf, 30KB)

Task words for essay assignments (pdf, 84KB)

Time Management (pdf, 35KB)