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Undergraduate students

Unfamiliar territory?

Whether you’re coming from overseas, just out of school, or returning to study after a break, adjusting to the academic requirements of university can be challenging. Assessment and workload might be different to what you’re used to, and you may not always understand what your lecturers expect.

Like Google maps, but for Uni: ASC workshops

We can help you prepare for successful study at Canterbury by helping you learn the “rules of the road” for things like academic writing, preparing for exams, or meeting deadlines.
ASC workshops (ideally before you’ve got assessment due) are the best place to start, and these topics are especially useful for students new to UC:

Zooming in on your work: 1-1 consultations

We can also help you with individual pieces of assessment. A consultation with a Learning Advisor might involve analysing a particularly difficult topic and sketching out a plan, for instance, or having a look at part of an initial draft.  We’re not able to proofread full drafts, but can help you identify problem areas and give you the tools you’ll need to improve your work.
We also offer an on-call service (from 11-2 in term time, and 12-2 during term breaks) where you can speak with a Learning Advisor for a 10-minute “quick query” on topics such as referencing, your proposed thesis statement, or how to use headings properly.  

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