ASC library

The ASC library will eventually be available at the Academic Skills Centre, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight (Central Library). In the meantime, these are some we recommend.


  • Essay Writing for Students, Clanchy and Ballard, 1991, Australia
  • Critical Analysis- What is it?, University of Western Sydney, 1998, Australia
  • Making the Grade, Hay, Bochner & Dungey, 1997, Australia
  • Smart Thinking, M. Allen, 1997 Australia
  • Writer's Handbook, Bate and Sharp, 1996, Australia
  • Writing for Success, K. Rountree, 1991 NZ


  • Legal Research and Writing, Greville, Davidson and Scragg, 2000, NZ
  • Studying Law at University, Chesterman and Rhoden, 1999, Australia


  • Studying Science at University, Rhoden and Starkey, 1999, Australia
  • Writing For Science, H. Silyn-Roberts, 1996, NZ


  • Studying Engineering at University, Rhoden and Turskey Gordon 1999 Australia


  • The Business of Writing, Manalo, Wong-Toi & Hansen, 1997, NZ


  • The Literary Thesis, G. Watson, 1970, London
  • Writing By Degrees, Rountree and Laing, 1996, NZ