Academic Staff

A significant portion of our work supports the work of academic staff, both within scheduled courses and by means of additional customised services.

Embedded teaching

ASC can provide discipline- and course-specific sessions tailored to the skills and learning objectives identified by the lecturer as necessary for student success. Research shows that this kind of targeted skills training is particularly effective for enhancing students’ learning and performance.
Embedded teaching takes place either during scheduled course time or as supplementary classes, and can be designed to meet the needs of students in any course, from first year through to postdoctoral study. A sample of 2016 embedded teaching includes:

  • structuring an argument for Law
  • making posters and giving presentations for Engineering
  • essay writing for English
  • exam skills for Management
  • report writing for Psychology
  • annotated bibliographies for Education
  • report and thesis writing for Computer Science

Workshops & seminars

ASC offers workshops and seminars throughout the year. Those which focus on topics such as the writing process, thesis proposals, grammar, punctuation, concise writing, time management and exam preparation are suitable for all students. In addition, there are classes designed for specific student cohorts such as:

  • non-native English speakers
  • Māori and Pasifika students
  • adult returning students
  • postgraduates

Supplementary workshops can also be created at the request of lecturers or students.


Academic staff regularly refer students for one-on-one appointments with Learning Advisors. While this direct feedback on written work is beneficial to students at all levels of study, it can be particularly valuable for postgraduate students who are navigating the complexities of thesis-level research and writing.

Distance learners

Distance learners have access to a range of ASC services too. We offer embedded sessions within courses where students are required to spend time on campus, and individual students are encouraged to schedule one-on-one telephone consultations. See the Distance students page for more information on the full range of services available.

Accessing ASC assistance

All ASC services are available free of charge. If you would like to discuss adding an embedded session to a course, it is advisable to email us at least a month in advance to ensure staff availability. Please indicate:

  • the course and level
  • the academic skills you would like covered
  • possible dates and time